Sooo...I hate self-promotion, but let's face it--that's sort of what this blog is for.  :P

So let's get down to the self-promoting, haha.

Francisco X. Stork, author of MARCELO IN THE REAL WORLD (which everyone should read!!) has kindly provided the following blurb for my novel:

"The Paradox of Vertical Flight has all the elements of a great read: funny, eloquent, deep, suspenseful. If you like books that are quirky and thoughtful,  irreverent and touching, this book is for you."

So there ya go.  Don't trust me.  Trust Mr. Stork.   THE PARADOX OF VERTICAL FLIGHT will published on September 24th in the US, and in October in Spain (not 100% sure about Germany yet).   Mark those calendars (if you are inclined toward calendar-marking)!! 

And speaking of Spain, my spanish publisher, Random House Mondadori, has revealed the cover art for the Spanish version of THE PARADOX OF VERTICAL FLIGHT.  Check it out!