With about one month to go before PARADOX hits stores, the shameless self-promotion which this blog was created for must continue!

Sooo...  Here we go.  :P

The Paradox of Vertical Flight was named a Fall 2013 New Voices pick by the ABC children's group at ABA (the American Bookseller's Association). 

"The 2013 New Voices Committee spent the tail-end of the summer reading more than 50 titles for kids and teens by first-time authors. Committee members read, voted on, and selected 10 noteworthy and exciting debuts publishing between July 1 and December 31, 2013, in two categories: Ages 8 – 12 and Teen."  LINK

Kyle Warren, of the Boulder Book Store--in, you guessed it, Boulder, Colorado--had the following kind words to say about Paradox: 

"Brimming with honesty, absurdist adventure, and philosophical pondering, this book is a refreshing trip down the rabbit hole of potentiality, meaning, and existence itself. Jack's journey encapsulates the beautiful juxtaposition of
youth and maturity alongside an infinite yearning for understanding in this confusing world. One of the most true-to-heart novels to appear in the genre for some time."  

Also...  Paradox has received it's first professional review!   Here's what Kirkus had to say:

"Alone and angst-ridden in his boarding school dorm on his 18th birthday, Jack is contemplating suicide by painkiller when he learns his ex-girlfriend is giving birth.

Though she listed the father as “unknown,” Jess, 20, invites Jack to meet his son before relinquishing him to adoptive parents. Overwhelmed, Jack scoops the baby up and runs, naming him Socrates. Vehicularly challenged, Jack
  persuades his best friend to drive them. Stopping for Jess, they embark on an eccentric road trip from Bangor, Maine, to upstate New York. Along the way—when not shopping for formula, changing diapers, arguing over trivia with Tommy and bickering with Jess—Jack conducts a funny, heartfelt imaginary dialogue on the meaning of life with little Socrates. These amiable meanderings through ancient
  Greek philosophy are the novel’s heart and soul. Channeled by a talented, millennial author, these age-old conundrums of good and evil, fate and free will  feel fresh and urgent. Readers seeking to decode the generational genome will  find plenty to ponder here. Bromance trumps romance; Jess is more scold than  soul mate. Socrates is a remarkably obliging newborn. (Margaret Bechard’s Hanging on to Max, 2001, and Angela Johnson’s First Part Last,2003, present far more realistic views of teen fatherhood.) 

Inconsistent temporal markers (dates aren’t specified) are briefly distracting, but Jack's quest for meaning holds reader attention all the way. (Fiction. 14 & up)."  LINK

The book comes out on September 24th!